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Everything comes to a standstill after a few flakes of snow. Thankfully college starts up again tomorrow – AT LAST! I have been bored out of my mind.

So onto my loves:

-Mr Butterball bath bomb from Lush. Anything with cocoa butter is a lifesaver over winter, no lie!

-Coconut body butter from The Body Shop.

-The first season of Gossip Girl. Ok honestly, I just watched it to drool over the epic outfits of Blair and cry that I could never pull that shit off. Hasnt it gone horribly downhill in recent seasons, though? BOO.

-Anything to combat this cold weather hell. Chunky knit scarves, hot coffee, wearing leggings and tights AND socks all at one time, and constant lipbalm application.

-Hipster Runoff blog. Check it out. :p


river island yummy silver chain bracelet (it's so heavy, i lovvve it!)

all saints dress (this has loads of cool drapey bits that you cant see! love all saints.)

Things I’m loving..

-Heavy metal bracelets (is that not obvious?!)

-Receiving piles of bath&body potions for christmas and birthday. I now have a years supply of the stuff, doubt I will have to make ONE Boots trip in 2010. Forreal.

(okayyy.. who am I kidding?)

-Shopping in London

-My new black duvet cover. Having a bit of a black and white phase… as of now, colour is overrated!

-Barry M lipstick in 141. Deep red and looks amazing against my pale skin. It was free with 3 dazzle dusts so decided to brave a dramatic shade… so glad I went for it!

-Chinese food, plus anything spicy!

Quick polyvore because I feel a bit inspired!